Furadonin or analogues which is better

All drugs included in the nitrofuran group have very similar medicinal properties, indications for use, contraindications and side effects. Almost equally effective against diseases associated with the urinary system. They have a similar effect on gram-positive, gram-negative microorganisms, without causing addiction. The appointment of a drug is carried out after a thorough examination and identification of intolerance to any component in the composition of the drug. The decision to replace Furadonin can only be made by a doctor. With similar symptoms of the manifestation of diseases of the genitourinary organs in different patients, different drugs may be prescribed depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Due to the incompatibility of drugs of this group with ethyl alcohol, alcohol consumption during treatment should be excluded. Acting softly and quickly, the effect of taking Furadonin and its analogues is observed after a few pills.

special instructions

Do not drink Nitrofurantoin with prostatitis, purulent paranephritis, damage to the cortical substance of the kidneys. Before using the drug, you should consult your doctor! Nitrofurantoin is not used in conjunction with drugs that provoke impaired renal function. Careful monitoring of patients undergoing long-term nitrofuran treatment is necessary for early detection of hepatitis.

To minimize the risk of side effects from the gastrointestinal tract, you need to take medicine with food or drink milk. Be sure to increase the water regime during therapy. After taking the urine, it turns dark yellow and even brown; false positive reactions often appear in the urine for glucose analysis.

The drug can have an effect on the nervous system, therefore, during therapy it is important to be careful when working with mechanisms when driving vehicles. The drug is not acceptable during pregnancy. During lactation, it is necessary to stop feeding until the end of taking nitrofurans.

The concomitant use of nalidixic acid reduces the antibacterial effect of Nitrofurantoin, antacids reduce its absorption. It is necessary to consult a doctor if taking Nitrofurantoin with quinine preparations, any antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, sulfonamides, antiseptics.

In case of an overdose, severe nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite appears. Take plenty of fluids immediately and seek medical attention urgently!

Similar means

This drug has several analogues that are produced by different pharmacological companies. These drugs are characterized by identical composition, but different manufacturers.

They are sold through pharmacy chains under the brand name Furadonin. The drug itself is made in Russia, Belarus and Poland..

Medicines do not differ in the mechanism of action, some difference is in their effectiveness.

This indicator is individual, because one remedy may not help one patient, but it may be effective for another. For this reason, the choice between the original and the analogue remains with the patient himself, according to his financial capabilities and the recommendations of the attending physician.


The combination of taking medications that block canalcid secretion (sulfinpyrazone, probenecid) and nitrofurantoin leads to a decrease in the effectiveness and concentration of the latter in urine, and an increase in its toxicity.

The effectiveness of the drug reduces nalidixic acid and magnesium trisilicate antacids.

The medicine cannot be combined with fluoroquinolone and its derivatives.

Tablets are stored in well-closed packaging, in a dry, cool place, at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Patient opinion

Patient reviews of Nitrofurantoin are also in most cases positive..

This drug is my first aid for cystitis. As soon as I felt the symptoms of pathology, I immediately turned to the doctor who prescribed Nitrofurantoin. I felt much better after 1 day of treatment. A week later, I completely forgot that I was sick. Now I always have this remedy on hand.

Anastasia, 43 years old.

A few months ago I was treated for urethritis in a hospital setting. Doctors have prescribed me this drug. I felt better a few days later, I was discharged home with recommendations for another week of use of Nitrofurantoin. A follow-up examination showed that I was completely healthy. Therefore, I can say that I am very pleased with the drug.

For several months I could not get rid of the symptoms of cystitis. As soon as she went to the doctor, the specialist prescribed Nitrofurantoin. I felt much better after a couple of days from the start of the reception. After 2 weeks I was completely cured, which was confirmed by my tests. I regret that I did not go to a specialist right away, Nitrofurantoin is very pleased.

Svetlana, 46 years old.

It is important for patients to know why this drug and its analogues are used. Nitrofurantoin shows good results in the treatment of pathologies of the urinary tract, but it can cause adverse reactions.

Therefore, patients with appropriate indications should consult a doctor who will conduct an examination, determine the diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. Self-administration of Nitrofurantoin is unacceptable, as this can only worsen the situation..